Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Recipe Book: Baking with Bailey Ana

Exciting News Alert!!!

So whilst I've been quiet on the old blog front, I have been a very busy bee indeed. At the beginning of this month, I finished the manuscript for my first recipe book, Baking with Bailey Ana.

As  you might imagine, it has been a massive undertaking and like most things that are hard work, it's been very rewarding.

The book is a collection of simple tasty recipes for cakes and other sweet treats that the budding baker can master. There are some appearances from recipes that I've blogged about as well as a ton of new ones.

The book will be released later on this year so please head over to my new website: www.baileyana.co.uk, to sign up on the pre-order list.

You can also see some of my more recent cakes, hear about upcoming classes and generally see what I'm up to these days. Also check me out on Instagram to see my videos where I talk about the process of writing the book and document my journey.

Love & Light

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