Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Probably the best Vanilla Sponge Cake in the world...

What this cake may lack in aesthetics, it makes up for in taste.

I present to you the 'Victoria Plum Sponge Easter Bashmentation Cake with Strawberries & Cream Yo' aka 'Probably the Best Victoria Sponge Cake in the World'

Soooooooooooo tasty

I will put it out there and tell you that I am not afraid to say when my cake tastes good. It's not that I am big-headed or anything, far from it. The fact is I genuinely feel I have very little to do with how a cake turns out so the praise isn't mine. All props go to the recipe creator, the freshness of the ingredients, the oven and the Lord our God... For real. 

It's like love, the story goes;

Girl meets boy, Girl loses boy, Girl gets cute girl back (or is that a Janet Jackson song?) 


Girl meets boy, 

Girl and boy have sexy time (after love & marriage of course) and then 

A beautiful baby is born and they live happily ever after....

Did I mention I kinda look like Beyonce in my dreams??

Except it doesn't always happen that way no matter how hard you try. Any number of things can happen between the happy beginning and the happily ever after...

The base, fully loaded

Same thing with cakes, you may follow the recipe to the letter being extra careful (happy beginning); and still the cake tastes horrible, or sinks in the middle or sticks to the pan (not so happily ever after). 

So, I literally follow the recipe, add plenty of love & positive vibrations and let Jah Jah do his thing. 

The whipped cream is melting because the cake was still a bit warm but hungry bellies can't be kept waiting!!

So anyhow, this AMAZING creation you see before you is in fact an adaptation of a recipe from the new book by the Hummingbird Bakery, Cake Days. The Raspberry Trifle Cupcake, from whence this sponge came is on page 116 (I think). 

This cake is serious! Super duper tasty. I had to draw for the big guns because my family came over for the annual Easter meal and everyone was like "I'm just looking forward to the cake". My brother even called the day before to let me know that expectations were high now that I am a famous blogger and ting.

True say the cake made the grade still...

I remixed the recipe slightly - did I say I follow recipes??  And I hereby name this creation Victoria Plum Sponge Easter Bashmentation Cake with Strawberries & Cream Yo. 

Three layers of the best vanilla sponge in the world, with Seedless Raspberry Jam and Victoria Plum Jam (with bits) plus semi-melted whipped cream, strawberries and plums.

"Damn Dawg, you really blessed us with this cake"

Thanks Westwood :)

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  1. This was for sure the best Victoria Plum Sponge Easter Bashmentation Cake with Strawberries & Cream Yo!! XX

  2. I couldn't even enjoy this FANTASTIC blog coz I was so mortified that I was unable to taste the cake!! This cake looks like my best (cake )life!! *Like,completely murked* =/
    Looks like you surely raised the game this time....Top this.....If you dare!!! [I'll be watching closely...] NO PRESSURE!! xx

  3. thanks for the inspiration. i made mini ones with mani today. they were lovely!xx



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