Monday, 26 May 2014

Add a Kilo of Love - Mindshackles

"I think, for me, I've always struggled with my moods and my emotional well being. Even as a child I was very melancholy and used to try and run away from home and commit suicide when I was really young. As an adult, I was really surprised at how going through a serious life-changing event [can] bring you back to that place, when you think you've got over it. I realise that the more you're open about those things, the more you give other people the permission to talk about it. To not be ashamed. So yeah, I think it's important that people share their stories." Excerpt from the interview

A good friend of mine, Iesha Small, recently embarked on a multi-media project looking at depression and the ways that people deal with it and asked me to take part. Last week she posted my interview and after spending a week being scared to death of what people would think, I took the plunge and shared it on my Facebook page. I have been moved with the response. So many people could relate and now more than ever, I realise how important it is to keep things out in the open.

It's my personal journey and I hope that by sharing, in some way it can help you or someone you know.

Click here for the link to the full interview.

Peace & Love

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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Things I Love Thursdays - Balloons

Sometimes it feels like life keeps throwing obstacles your way. Work is stressful, relationships are tense and the bills keep on piling up! 

It has been one of those times for me, but I am determined to keep my spirits up. I realise that circumstances and situations in life are just temporary. The current ones will go & new ones will step in to take their place.

With the above quote firmly etched in my mind, I am choosing to focus on the little things that bring me happiness, like balloons and baking. 

The other day I saw some cute cake toppers on Pintrest and was able to recreate them using mini balloons & bamboo skewers. I think they make this Neapolitan cake look really cute!

So whatever you are going through at the moment, be encouraged. You are here to do great things and the good times are on the way! :)

Peace & Love
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