Saturday, 30 July 2011


I had my biggest order to date this week... about 200 cupcakes and 3 big cakes for a corporate birthday function. It was insane seeing as this is my sideline and I do actually have a full time job!

Cakes waiting to be boxed up

So many things went wrong; I lost my voice at the start of the week & had a horrible sore throat, the 200 toppers that I'd lovingly prepared in advance decided to stick to the greaseproof paper & were all ruined so I had to make the whole lot again, AND, the company I ordered my cupcake boxes from, 'Little Cupcake Boxes' made a mistake with my order so I couldn't use any of them. To make matters worse they were away on holiday (??) so I had to buy another 200 in a completely different design, that are harder to pack & drive halfway across England to get them in time!

Red Velvet Cupcake individually boxed

I'd like us to take a minute to reflect on how it came to be, that a company specialising in wedding favour stuff, deems it appropriate to go on holiday for a week, in peak wedding season, with absolutely no-one manning the phones and/or emails. It's madness! We all need a holiday but it can't be good business sense! I almost had a melt-down, you know that frustration when you can't even speak to someone!

On the upside, in my frantic bid to get more boxes, I found a wholesale company that has much better service and cheaper boxes called Cake Boxes Direct. They have a warehouse on a farm so I also got to meet some horses who were a bit camera-shy but gorgeous :)

I hereby name you Bailey and Ana :)

I probably had about 5 hours sleep over three days but when I delivered my last cake, the sense of achievement was intense. I stopped off for a non-alcoholic beer with some work colleagues who were out and then drove through Central London soaking up the scenery and just enjoying the moment.

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. What is also amazing is how many Red Velvet cupcakes you can eat without getting fed-up! I have had to give away all of the cakes that didn't pass quality control, because I literally had cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner... I need help! :)

"Reject" cakes ready for shipping to my brother :)

An extra special thank you to Susan for helping me out and my mum (as always) for just being amazing. After all of this hard work I am off for a week with my boys for some well needed rest and relaxation. Next weekend it starts all over again :)

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  2. Amazing design and wonderful creativity of boxes.



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