Sunday, 7 August 2011

Vive La France!!

I have just come back from my second trip to France this summer... The last trip was for a festival and was all about the music. This time, it was all about the food (and wine). 

I went with the boys to stay with family at their summer house in an idyllic village called Sainte Soline.

We were greeted with traditional English scones and proceeded to eat and drink, and eat some more for the entirety of our stay. In fact I've pretty much doubled in size. I'm saving the detox until after my Birthday though which is in the next two weeks as I'll just be lying to myself if I tried to do it any sooner! :)

The house has an orchard attached to it so we ate food fresh from the garden everyday.

I made a point of checking out as many patisseries as I could. Here are a selection of some of the desserts that I sampled on the trip. I went a bit macaron crazy and have a good recipe now that I will be testing out very soon...

Strawberry Moose

Petit Fours


Pastry selection box

All in all it was a lovely trip, further cementing my desire to spend more time in France. Everyone needs a summer house #fact!


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