Tuesday, 7 August 2012

London 2012!!!

You'd have to be living under a cloud to not know that the greatest show on earth is going down right here in London! I have always loved the Olympic games and was ecstatic when I learned it was coming to our city. Since then we've had terrorist attacks, riots, cynics and skeptics but despite it all, we have produced something amazing.

Going to the boxing!

Sport is one of the great unifiers; something that brings people together and lifts our spirits in a way that defies words and logic. You can't help but wish that the good vibes stay, and that the legacy of the games will be the community spirit and not the economy or new buildings.

Two young Japanese spectators enjoying the Mexico vs Japan football game

Enjoying Bolt's victory at the Puma Yard

I've been lucky enough to go to see two events & the atmosphere at both was electric. Even if you haven't managed to get tickets though there is so much going on in the capital, it's borderline overwhelming! I would encourage everyone and anyone to get down to London & get in the Olympic spirit :)

One last thing, if you weren't able to get tickets then I would recommend getting some for the Paralympics I've got mine and I can't wait!

Peace & Love

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  1. I'm so said because Olympic games the end! These cupcakes is great way to forget on my sadness :)



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