Thursday, 21 March 2013

Chocolate Guinness Cake

I made this cake for the sole purpose of self-indulgence. I do like to bake myself a (chocolate) cake every now & then. The last time it was Delphine's Chocolate Cake - a beautiful authentic French recipe. This time it's a Chocolatey Guinness cake, courtesy of Nigella Lawson - click here for the recipe link.

I got the idea from my cousin. She came one Friday evening and cooked me the most delicious steaks ever ever ever & was raving about this recipe. She was right, it doesn't disappoint!

I made this in a tin that was a bit too big (hence the flatness) but to be honest, I like it & I think it stretched a bit further that way!

If you like chocolate cake, you'll like this one. You can't really taste the Guinness, well I didn't think so, but it's delicious and moist and stays fresh for a good few days after being baked. It's a bit like a giant brownie cake. So try it & let me know what you think!

Peace & Love

Ps So I'm sitting down to write all about Chocolate Guinness cake when I realised that it was St Patrick's Day last Sunday. Get it? Guinness, Irish, St Patrick's Day...?
OK, so not the most exciting of revelations to be fair, but mildly amusing nonetheless! :)
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  1. Oh yes please!!! it looks so lovely and moist and rich and delicious!
    Mary x



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