Thursday, 5 May 2011

My name is Bailey Ana and I am an addict....

People; I have not had internet for like 3 days, it's been hell. My phone line went down the morning of the 3rd but because the internet was still going, it took a while for us to realise.

However by the evening the internet went down and I reported it to BT. On the 5th (today) I received this text from British Telecom (BT);

Can you imagine??? The 9th is like 100 years away??? £130??? How many things are wrong with this text???

Anyways, BT turned up early unannounced and spent all day fixing the fault. Thank you BT.

But it got me thinking... 2 days without internet (not including work internet) had me feening (missing/ yearning for) my internet. It was then I realised, I am an internet addict.

How do people live without the internet? In 2011 we NEED the internet. Without it I had to fill my time doing things like ironing (????!) & even sleeping at night! It's not natural... The evening is made for learning, surfing the net, inspiration and cake porn #theysleepwegrind.

Thankfully order has been restored. I have internet and I am grateful. Thank you.

No, leave me logged on please. Thank you xx

My name is Bailey Ana and I am an addict.... That is all.


Extra special shout out to my mum, who understood the severity of the sitcheation [SIC] and stayed at home while BT man did his thing... #worthyourweightingold. Love you, may the Lord bless you richly xxx
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  1. Props for 'keepin it real' out here Bailey Ana... lol
    Luv the cake top messages! :)



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