Monday, 2 May 2011

Chocolate is the answer, who cares what the question is...

 Can all the chocolate cake lovers please stand up?

I hardly ever get requests for chocolate cakes. It's always plain sponge or cakes that "aren't too sweet". This always throws me because surely cake is sweet. In my head, I'm like "So do you want a cake or a vegetable?" 

What's more distressing is that I have spent years perfecting the chocolate cake as I thought this was obviously the most important cake... Apparently that is only the case for me!

I'm being a bit of a hypocrite to be honest, as I don't like it when cake is too sweet either. I think that is a quintessentially British thing. We like middle of the road, nothing too fancy. I've noticed Americans have an amazing array of flavours and combinations but if I suggest anything like that to someone here, they give me a strange look & then say "that sounds great, but can I have a vanilla sponge please, nothing too sweet?"

Sometimes it's nice to do something a bit different so I did.

This cake is basically anti-establishment; it's rich, decadent and totally over-the-top. Four layers of Death by Chocolate sponge; filled with strawberries & cream, then covered in chocolate buttercream and Oreo cookie crumbs.

One slice of this cake probably meets your daily calorie requirement!

Bonus How To Picture Guide:

Step 1

Bake your cake. I've gone for four layers so I sandwiched two pairs together with the chocolate buttercream, but I'm sure that two would be fine.

Step 2

 Put the layer with the topping in the freezer for about an hour so that it hardens and can support the top layer.

Step 3

And there you have it... I think it looks pretty impressive and can feed quite a few people. My cake is only 6" round but because it is so deep and rich you only need thin slices.


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  1. booyakashakalakawakablakanakadaka booom! The absolute business, tried and tasted and appreciated. Not too rich actually and it even has some fruit- 1 of your five a day! Although I am going to do about 50 squats, and a 2 hour dance marathon just to be sure :o)
    Needs to be accompanied with a good champagne or Prosecco. Lovely BaileyAna xxx

  2. Definitely my kind of cake!!! You had me at Death by Chocolate nevermind chocolate buttercream and oreo crumbs! Gutted I didn't get to taste it xx :(

  3. I'm totally (cake)mortified!!!! You DAREDDDD to top the 'Probably the best vanilla sponge..' and BLATANTLY did....with the totally irresistible chocolate sponge! Which of course.....nothing can beat....not even 'Morrisson's Best' range is a fair comparison! ;) I remember learning the 'hard' way never to go supermarket shopping on an empty stomach...I'm learning a very similar lesson, visiting your blogspot :(
    I could eat chocolate cake alll day. "yummmm"
    Maybe it's a good thing I'm so far away....coz boiiiiii!!!! Well done! It looks Ravishingly Delicious xx :) :( :) :(

  4. awwwessssooommme....where's my slice?



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