Wednesday, 29 February 2012

March Photo A Day....

So whilst I was wasting my life away on Pinterest, I found this blog that I'm already in love with called Fat Mum Slim (link here). One of her more recent posts was to kickstart the "March photo a day" challenge and I think it sounds great so I'm doing it! 

I will be posting my pictures on Instagram and Twitter. You can follow me on either one, my twitter (@bailey_ana) or Instagram (@baileyana) and if you're up for it, then take part too. I think it will be pretty cool, join us :) 

 Peace & Love xx
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  1. Thanks so much sharing. I hope it makes your month fun. x

  2. I'm wondering if it's cheating to post a photo that you didn't take on the actual day...

    1. I think so because the idea is that you take one each day... I'm sure you won't get in trouble though :)



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