Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Havana Santiago Part 2

I just wanted to let you guys know how I got on at Havana Santiago. It was a lovely three days and I'm really proud of Pia and Thristian for putting on something so cool!

My sister and I made a selection of cakes inspired by Cuba and the Caribbean.


- Caribbean Black Rum Cake
- Lime and Coconut Cake (click here for a blog post and recipe)
- Carrot Cake
- Banana Cake (a number of different variations)

- Chocolate with Fudge Sauce
- Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream
- Chocolate with Chocolate Buttercream
- Mojito (lime and rum flavour with a rum flavoured frosting)
- Pineapple with a citrus glaze and pineapple chunks

I thought it would be nice to show some photos of the day. I didn't take many myself as I was busy trying to be organised so most of these aren't mine. Thanks to Vanessa & Iesha for sending them on to me! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace & Love
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  1. Some gorgeous flavour combinations going on there. Note to self; I absolutely must start baking. Xx

  2. It all looks amazing and everyone so happy!!!

  3. oh WOWZA!! Caribbean Black Rum cake?? Is that Mojito I see too?? Do you post cake?

    Nom Nom! xx



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