Monday, 2 July 2012

Vive La France

It's that time of year again, when I go to the Worldwide Music Festival in Sète, France (my home from home). Apart from all the fun I'm looking forward to having, it's actually been a real time of reflection for me. This time last year, I had an 'aha moment' on the beach when I decided I needed to stop running around like a headless chicken & get my priorities straight. Then came almost a year of being a stay-at-home mum and a time of massive reflection. 

Whilst staying at home is good, I needed more and I felt that I was ready to return, renewed & inspired. Except that as I stepped back on to the treadmill of the 9-5 I quickly fell back into my old patterns. The last few weeks have been busy to the point of lunacy. I'm bored of hearing myself go on about how exhausted I am & how busy I am... Like who cares! 

So, as I update my blog, while checking my Facebook, while packing my bag with only 2 hours till I need to catch my flight, while frantically panicking about all the things I haven't done; I'm looking forward to getting some more inspiration on the beach & chillaxing! Here's to not falling into the busy trap!

But back to the food & France. These macarons were an attempt to impress a French friend of mine but unfortunately I didn't quite manage to get them to her (although they were still enjoyed). I used the recipe from one of my favourite food blogger/stylist/photographer people called Helene Du Jardin on her blog tartelette. I shall be away for a week & I'm sure I'll have plenty to fill you in on when I get back!

Peace & Love


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  1. Yes, yes and yes.

    I can totally relate to the feeling bored about hearing yourself go on about always feeling tired, always mad busy, always, always I'm in that rut at the moment, but it will get better.

    Have a glorious time in France, looking forward to hearing all about it x

  2. I can relate to the treadmill etc too............ but lovely macaroons yummy xxx

  3. We're big proponents of escaping the "rat race." Glad to see you're not only attempting one of the hardest baking traditions but making some time for yourself as well.

    We'd be glad to help out in the case of a macaron emergency too :)

    Enjoy France for all of us here in the States!



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