Monday, 25 February 2013

Learning To Love Me

I've been through the mills recently, feeling down & unappreciated. I think all of us experience that at some time, the people you love don't seem to understand you, work take you for granted & the knocks just keep on coming. It's easy to lose sight of what good things are in our future and the beautiful things that we already possess.

Our fear & anger & frustrations can manifest in the way we treat others. Holding on to bitterness, speaking harshly & questioning everyone's motives.

More important than how we treat & speak to others though, is how we treat ourselves. When disapproval & criticism seem to be coming from all angles, what do you say & believe to & about yourself?

A friend of mine played me a song on Sunday & one of the lyrics caused me to burst into tears. The singer said 'I wrote this song to say I forgive me. I wrote it to say I love me'.

That night I wrote myself a love letter & just acknowledged all the beautiful things about me. The secret thoughts I have, the quiet things I do & the love that burns in me. It was weird at first but I realised that if I can write love letters to others (something I love to do), then I could most certainly do one for me.

I pray that we all learn to be kind to ourselves. To not care what people think or say but to trust in our own hearts & to cherish us. And as we learn to do this we will see our oneness & learn to love each other better. Let's start a love revolution...

Peace & love


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