Sunday, 28 July 2013

Wedding 1/3!!!

The beautiful couple

Yesterday was the first of 3 weddings that I am baking for this year, the union of the beautiful couple, Tatiana & Arne. It was a wonderful day, the weather behaved itself and the drinks flowed! 

The cake!
Most importantly for me, the cake went well on the day! I had to change the design because of the heat. Originally the ruffles were meant to be made out of buttercream but on a test run, the buttercream melted and I had to make the ruffles out of fondant instead to prevent a destroyed cake and a day spent panicking about it.

Fun Times
Baking for a wedding is part labour of love and part heart-attack inducing. I don't think there is a cake more important than a wedding cake. I usually have at least two meetings before finalising the design to go through ideas. Then there's the tasting session & the trial run & finally once you start making the cake, there is always something crazy that happens (like a heatwave) and you have to think on your feet when you've probably had about 3 hours sleep for the last 48 hours.

More cake
This was no exception. Despite being the first person to arrive at the hall, I had to wait for everyone to set up before I could put the cake together and ended up missing the beautiful ceremony. On the upside, there was Pisco (Chilean tequila style alcohol) and I caught the bouquet of flowers - so I'm pretty much guaranteed happily ever after... :)

I've can exhale for another month until my next wedding. In the meantime I shall be thinking who is going to be the lucky one to take my hand in marriage! :)

Cake cutting time...
Peace & Love

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  1. Clever you!!!!! a beautiful cake and making someones day so special!!
    mary x



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