Saturday, 23 November 2013

Wake Up To Muff!!

So recently I was asked to guest bake for a dope blog called Wake Up To Muff

The basic premise of the blog is this...

"One boy, one bike and a dozen muffins."

Tibbs or Count Spatula as he is also known, set up this blog about 4 years ago. Once a month he has a lottery, and 12 lucky winners across London will have a muffin hand delivered to their door, by a man (Tibbs) & his bike. 

The best way to get a feel for how cool this is is to check out his flickr with pictures of the drops. 

Picture courtesy of WUTM flickr
So enter stage left, me. We managed, via the wonders of social media to connect, and he asked me to guest bake for the 40th post. His original plan was to brew some beer, so I wanted to make something alcoholic in order to toast this milestone in the proper fashion. 

In the end I settled for Nigella's trusty Chocolate Guinness Cake recipe and used it to make cupcakes. The recipe will make about 18 muffin sized cupcakes but I doubled the frosting as you use more on cupcakes than you do with cake. 

Click here for the recipe link.

I'm also super, duper into homemade caramel... Given that there are very few ingredients, it's surprisingly fiddly. I had to make two batches as if you leave the sugar for a moment too long, it burns and tastes bitter. But persevere you must, it is worth it.

Click here for a post I did many moons ago with the recipe

Now that you know all about it, I encourage you to get involved! Maybe one day, you too, could wake up to muff...

Peace & Love

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