Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Fever Part 2

I thought I had peaked too soon with Royal Wedding Fever. I was thinking of hosting a garden party and for weeks, I've been buying various pieces of cupcake paraphernalia (bits) in preparation. Party planning however, is not on my list of 'Things I do well'. I tend to have the idea in my head, not tell anyone about it and then ask tentatively 5 minutes before the 'event' if they can make it, by which time of course everyone already has plans...

Chocolate Orange mini cupcakes

However, even without a party, there is always someone to eat cake. Plus it would be a waste not to at least make something, what with a house full of Royal Wedding bits. So feeling slightly dejected, I half-heartedly baked a collection of wedding themed vanilla cupcakes yesterday. 

But by the time I saw Kate in her dress today midway through the TV coverage, I was in floods of tears, filled with renewed inspiration. To be fair I am known for crying at pretty much everything: I am the soppiest person I know, fact.

Today the couple looked genuinely in love and excited. And I don't think that Kate and her family were just rubbing their hands together with glee and greed at the thought of being royalty, although I'm sure they weren't sad about it either :). 

Handmade love hearts - Union Jack colours

Vanilla is more traditionally British but Chocolate is the food of love & therefore the only way to go. So inspired by love, I made some Chocolate Orange Mini Cupcakes, topped with Chocolate buttercream sauce and various bought and handmade Royal Wedding bits.

Good luck your Highnesses, I wish you the best that love has to give xx

Cupcakes anyone...?
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  1. My invite is missing... I could have been tempted by cake (and of course to see you and the boys)
    Mich x

  2. I have signed up!
    looks great, I actually wanna eat one right now :o)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. (I'm still tryna get-to-grips with this blog, thingymijig!)
    They often call Barbados 'Little England' so it was of no surprise to me that at least 80% of the population stayed up and / or woke up at 3am to get their piece of British History. I myself was less tempted......and didn't even check out the pics on the internet. BUT I AM tempted by a lil choc-orange love!! :o)Yummy!

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