Monday, 6 June 2011

The beauty of being an individual...

"What I love about being human is the freedom to be yourself and to not be afraid. If you can't be yourself then who are you? Don't care about what other people think, just do you...." loosely quoted from "Chase The Dream by Flawless"

Above are the 'rejects' from a batch of Mickey/Minnie Mouse Cake Pops that I did for a birthday party. I plan to do a proper 'How To' post another time, but for now it's all about the individuals who don't fit the mould. 

I would like to celebrate those of us, who are a bit different and aren't afraid of it. It takes a lot of courage to be yourself so in the spirit of fearlessness, there'll be no hiding all my mistakes and only showing the 'good ones'...

Peace & Love

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  1. Who'd ever thought 'Cake Blogging' would minister such encouragement?? I missed yah Bailey!
    Big shout out to the Reject crew!! lol
    Amen to being an Individual.
    Keep up the Great work!x

  2. Did I mention?: "YaaaYe, you're back!" :))



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