Monday, 13 June 2011


"People should learn how to play lego with their minds. Concepts are building bricks" Vitorino Ramos

The boys and I went on a trip to Bluewater (a shopping centre / mall) this weekend and visited the Lego store. It was really cool, you can build your own mini collection from the tons of body parts that they have available.

Mini Collection #1

Mini Collection #2

Even more exciting than mini collection lego sets though, are sugar lego cupcake toppers hand crafted and individually wrapped...

I had a little nibble of his toe... couldn't resist!
I came across these cuties on eBay and ordered a kazillion of them (or even 20) The seller is 35carr and you can find them if you search for "lego cupcake topper". 

If you are really keen you can buy an ice cube tray from the Lego store and make them yourself (hence my trip). I would warn though, there is a lot of skill or even patience required and I figure it's better left to the experts, which is what I plan to do! Can't wait to make some cakes to put them on though, just trying to find the right occasion. 

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  1. Lego time??
    From what I read..[and see]...looks like
    'Lego Love' to me!! :)xx

  2. errrrrrrrrrrr, how gorgeous are your lego models!!!!!!!! xxxxx



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