Sunday, 19 June 2011

Quadrophenia - live the life you love & love the life you live...x


Friend "Can you do me a birthday cake for Jimmy with the Quadrophenia logo on it please?"

Me "Yeah sure" all the while thinking what on earth is 'Quadrophenia'??

Album Cover

As it turns out Quadrophenia is the title of a British film and an album by The Who made in the 70s.

The Film

The word 'Quadrophenia' is a play on 'schizophrenia' as in someone that has four personalities. The film is very loosely based on the album and is a story about Jimmy (the main character not birthday boy Jimmy) getting more and more disillusioned with friends, love, life and work until he eventually drives his scooter off a cliff.

Although suicide and/or suicidal thoughts are morbid subjects, particularly for a cake blog, it's a subject that many people (including me) can relate to. Sometimes it's a build up of things over time & sometimes something happens & topples you over the edge.

At my lowest ebb I couldn't really reason properly and I always think about what stopped me & what someone could have said to me at the time that would have helped. The first thing is realising you need help; I called the Samaritans and went on to have counselling.

But the most powerful lesson I learnt through my experience is that, the feeling passed and I was glad I lived. Everything is temporary, good and bad and we can choose to hold on to or let go of any emotion that we want to with practice.

Peace & love (oh & Happy Birthday Jimmy :)


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  1. Love the article, love the cake!!! Thank you so much Sweetheart. Unfortunately for Jimmy, the cake stole the day!!

  2. I'm glad things went the right way for you in the end luv. God knows what's he's doing. Xxx



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