Thursday, 23 June 2011

Cakes 4 Fun

I often get asked whether I have had any training re my cake decorating. The answer is a resounding yes! While I definitely have learnt the most through books, YouTube and good old fashioned trial and error, nothing beats a good teacher...

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So far all the courses that I have done have been at Cakes 4 Fun in Putney, London They are excellent value for money with really experienced tutors. Just last weekend I did a chocolate paste course & came home with some great techniques & a tasty chocolate cake.

If you do want to learn more definitely check it out. I warn you though, the courses are ADDICTIVE. I have been on probably a million courses & am still thinking of doing more! Pin It

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  1. Lovely cake! I agree about the Cakes4Fun courses, they are the best. And totally addictive : ) Kate



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