Friday, 11 November 2011

Be Young, Be Foolish, But Be Happy!

Thank Goodness It's Friday! Earlier on this week, I went to see Pixie Lott for the first time at the Jazz Cafe performing an intimate gig of her new album, Be Young, Be Foolish. She was supported by Angel, an emerging R'n'B singer.

Pixie Lott getting ready backstage

Pixie Lott on stage

Angel performing an acoustic set

The show was lovely; both performers are very soulful and can hold their own live. I have seen Angel before a number of times and am already a big fan but I didn't really know much about Pixie's music. I have to say I was impressed and I think the title of this album is very poignant. We can get so bogged down with our problems and day to day life, that we forget how to be happy and how to be foolish. 

In honour of youth & foolishness, I made some peppermint & strawberry lollipops which was a lot of fun and left my kitchen covered with hard sugar. The lollies are wonky and sticky but delicious. 

Have a great weekend and stay happy!

Peace & Love


You can see more pics of this gig & others that I go to on my Tumblr -
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  1. Hi Ana,

    I stumbled on your blog and just wanted to say.........I love your blog!!!! Just reading through, I love the way you relate your experiences to your passion(cakes).

    I also love how your blog shows your love for your family and friends. Keep shining, you've brightened my morning.



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