Wednesday, 23 November 2011

It's Like A Jungle Sometimes....

'It's like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from going under.' Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five. The Message. These immortal lyrics from one of the earliest hip-hop tunes seemed like the soundtrack to my life at the moment...

I've spent way too much time in my own thoughts recently and when I do that I get an inflated sense of self and my own problems. Thankfully a few loved ones came to my rescue with some timely words and I remembered how blessed I am. Then I decided, it's time to sing a different song!

Like the mighty Nina Simone sings 

Got my hair. Got my head
Got my brains, Got my ears
Got my eyes, Got my nose
Got my mouth, I got my smile

I got my tongue, Got my chin
Got my neck, Got my boobies
Got my heart, Got my soul

Got my back, I got my sex

I got my arms, got my hands, got my fingers,
got my legs, got my feet, got my toes,
got my liver, got my blood..

I've got life,
I've got my freedom
I've got life, I've 
got life

and I am gonna keep it, 

I've got life

and nobody's gonna take it away

I've got life!

"Ain't Got No, I Got Life"

Furthermore I've got these amazing little jungle animals (well at least I did until they went to the birthday boy), and who can be sad when you see these little cuties? I am blessed :)

I have sooooo much to be grateful for so I intend to spend the rest of my time singing happy songs and baking tasty cakes...

I hope you are enjoying your week so far.

Peace & Love

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