Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas Is Coming!!!

It's official, Christmas is well & truly on it's way! I love Christmas for two things, family & food. As this is my first Christmas as an International Blogger and Ting, I thought it would be nice to do my very own Advent Blogendar (did you see what I did there? Blog + Calendar = Blogendar, yeah? OK cool :)).

So as a gift from me, everyday in the lead up to Christmas I will be posting various Christmassy sweet treats, cakes, desserts, cake pops etc and maybe even a drink or two! It will be a challenge but I hope that you will enjoy it as much I plan to.

Today I have some Fruit Cake Cupcakes topped with marzipan and icing. The best thing about fruit cake is that it lasts for ages so I can take my time eating them. I hope you are having a great week whatever you're up to!

Peace & Love

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