Thursday, 17 May 2012

Black Cake, Black Radio...

Black Cake ready to be 'watered' with rum :)

This week has been all black everything! I am getting ready for my cousin's wedding so have been baking some Caribbean Rum Cake or Black Cake as it's better known. This is a labour of love cake and demands it's own post, (which it will get), but today belongs to Robert Glasper, jazz pianist and maker of beautiful music. I love his style and have listened to him extensively over the years but his latest album 'Black Radio' was beyond amazing. It's a jazz/ hip-hop/ neo-soul/ musical fusion of awesomeness that literally caresses my soul. 

His show at the Barbican sold out before I could get my hands on any tickets, so when I got the call last minute saying he was playing an impromptu gig in East London, I was there. The queues were crazy; everyone and anyone was trying to get in!

The queue, (taken with my iPhone)

The concert itself was like being at a music festival. In true jazz style there wasn't a structured track list of songs, in fact there didn't appear to be any regard for time as they were literally thrown off the stage at around 1.30am which is hardcore for a school night! I loved it & can't wait to see him again in July.

In the queue, I bumped into my photography hero Paul Akinrola, Creative Director from P Designs Media. He is literally a genius with the camera (& film) and generously provided me with the pictures below. He is going to be a household name for sure so check out his stuff on his Tumblr and get to know!

Me with singer Marie Dahlstrøm waiting to get in. Copyright Paul Akinrola
The man himself, Robert Glasper. Copyright Paul Akinrola

The AMAZING Lalah Hathaway.  Copyright Paul Akinrola
The crowds inside the venue. Copyright Paul Akinrola

The crowds inside the venue. Copyright Paul Akinrola
I hope you've had a good week so far!

Peace & Love


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  1. cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake,....BTW, I think your pics are just as good and you too will be a household name :D

  2. Mmmmm. You know how I feel about the cake. Like your iPhone pic btw. Have you checked out snapseed app. More creative control than instagram... But you can post to instagram from it.



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