Monday, 7 May 2012

Happiness is...

About two weeks ago my mum came to me and said that she was concerned about how depressing my blog is! Turns out she couldn't sleep one night and read through my entire blog before coming to that conclusion... 

Oh dear...

I figure I'd better redress that balance and set the record straight. Contrary to how it may appear, my life is not a series of unfortunate events like car clamping & bad news. I do in fact have lots of cool stuff happening and perhaps more importantly, I feel like this has been an amazing time of personal growth. Eight months back I talked about my pursuit of happyness and I can say that I am well on the way to attaining it. 

Here are some things that are making me happy right now:)

What's making you happy?

Peace & Love


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  1. Love this blog of reflection, we are all on a journey and sometimes need to be reminded how blessed we are in spite of circumstances

  2. My whole life this year is making me very very happy :-)

    Stepping out of the darkness sure makes you appreciate the light! X

    1. I hear you :) I think happiness is in the air for 2012!




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