Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cake Pop Classes with Molly Bakes

So I finally managed to get an audience with Molly Bakes aka the Cake Pop guru here in London after a bit of miscommunication earlier on this year. I'm no stranger to cake pops but there is always something I can learn & I was excited to meet the woman behind the book.

Molly is lovely, very down to earth & helpful. The class lasted about 3 hours but in that time we managed to squeeze loads in. We made 6 different types of pops, animals, doughnuts, marbled and classic. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend anyone wanting to learn the basics and a bit more to go along :). Plus the chocolate pops tasted delicious!

The number one tip I picked up for cake pops was that you can use confectioners glaze to paint on the candy melts, something that I've never used before. Also the fact that you can be really creative with them, the possibilities are endless. I'm looking forward to trying it out again in my own kitchen.

Me & Molly :)

Peace & Love


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  1. I love the animal cake pops! How adorable! My little girl is planning a safari-themed 3rd birthday party. This will be cool!

  2. what a fab thing to do, so much fun! Left a reply message on my blog to you about the map.....happy to get you one if you want xx

  3. The cake pops look sooo cute! Your blog is very inspirational and wonderful, Ana!



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