Thursday, 31 October 2013

Easiest chocolate fudge sauce recipe ever!

If you know me, you'll know how excited I get when anyone asks me to make a chocolate cake. I think I got into baking for the sole purpose of baking chocolate cakes.

What you may (or may not as the case may be), surprised to know, is that there is an art to getting chocolate cake right. You need the right quality chocolate and sufficient moisture to make it wonderful. Dry chocolate cake is like stale cake - an exercise in disappointment and dissatisfaction.

Similarly, getting the right frosting to accompany said cake is another skill in itself. One of my favourites is the mighty chocolate fudge sauce. Fortunately, fairly early on in my chocolate fudge making journey, I stumbled across the easiest recipe ever from Nestle (click here for the recipe). 

Once you've got the perfect cake (complete with vanilla biscuits and strawberries no less), then all that's left to do is adorn the cake with candles and sing harmoniously to the birthday girls.

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