Sunday, 2 October 2011

Are You Gonna Bang Doe?

Oi You, are you gonna bang?

Last week I was feeling pretty good about my Russian Cake dolls so I decided to send a picture of them to one of my friends who doesn't really follow my blog. He texted me back saying "Super stuff. Do you know about pineapple upside down cake?"

The text confused me.

Pineapple upside down cake is a very typical British dessert, one that we all grew up eating. It's also a very simple cake, compared to the two day extravaganza that I'd just completed. "Err what do you mean? Of course I know about pineapple upside down cake" I replied. He texted back, "It was my favourite cake growing up and I was asking to see whether you can make it but from your questioning I suspect not."

Basically what he meant was, "individually hand painted, death by chocolate Russian Doll Cakes in four different sizes are great, but can you make a cake I actually want to eat? Can you handle the basics and not just the fancy stuff? From your questioning I suspect not."

Oi UK, how can guys go Napa and not bang?

OK cool.

It reminded me of my summer anthem, 'Are You Gonna Bang?' by Funky Dee. In the song, Funky Dee is saying to guys "you might be going the extra mile for girls by wearing designer clothes, staying in a posh hotel, or buying champagne etc; but the bottom line is 'are you gonna get to third base with anyone? Are you gonna bang?'

The song is a teensy bit naughty (so be warned)

Setting aside the specific subject matter of the song, you could translate 'Are you gonna bang doe?' to 'Are you achieving what you set out to achieve (doe)?' or 'Is what you are doing helping you to get to where you want to be (doe)?' Then, the song takes on a whole new meaning! I have spent many a day humming other lyrics to the tune.

5 star hotel, but are you gonna bang doe?

How often have I wasted my time & energy doing things that are really not adding any value or taking me any closer to where I want to be?? Who knows where I would be in life if I'd asked myself the question "Am I gonna bang doe?" more often? 

All I wanna know, are you gonna bang?

So in honour of Funky Dee & my mate; today's post is a good old plain & simple Pineapple Upside Down (But Are You Gonna Bang Doe?) Cake. It could only be eaten with vanilla ice-cream in this heatwave weather! People, let's adopt this mantra, maybe we could have one of those rubber wrist band things with 'AYGBD?' on it? (Someone needs to get on that!)

Peace and Love


Important Disclaimer. Please note you MUST do a grime dance when you ask it or at the very least a double open hand gesture, with your head back & tilted to one side. Otherwise the statement retains it's original meaning & I can't be held responsible for what goes down as a result. Jedward have kindly agreed to demonstrate below even though they are a little rusty themselves. Thank you boys x

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  1. how on earth have you managed to get anything positive out of that song???? :D
    That aside the cake looks bashy!

  2. Love Love Love this blog, and the photography is whoa!!

  3. Thank you ladies - too much love for this tune even if it's a bit dodgy :)

  4. OH MY GOD I need one of those cakes! pleeeeeeease looks way too good! x



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