Monday, 31 October 2011

Monster Cake Pops....

I guess today is Halloween & I have got to be honest, I struggle with the concept of 'celebrating' ghouls & other scary things. I'd been toying with whether or not to make some halloween cakes & even bought a pumpkin just incase but I couldn't bring myself to do it! Then on Sunday I spoke with a friend who was at the end of a marathon 3 day halloween party binge. She had an amazing skeleton costume & said she loves this time of year because she loves dressing up.

When I thought about it, the pin dropped... for most people the excitement most definitely isn't about blood & gore, it's all about the costumes! A time to let out the inner child and step out of our carefully crafted exterior for a day (or three).

You get sucked in pretty quick, by the time I finished making these I was having quite a bit of fun...

So whilst I won't be out trick or treating, here is my small contribution to the halloween festivities as it were... Sparkly Chocolate Monster and Alien Cake Pops.


Peace & Love
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