Monday, 10 October 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Petal....

My beautiful friend

Happy Monday people. I have had an incredibly stressful weekend and during this week I will tell you all about it. Before I do though I would like to say a "Happy Birthday" to a very very dear friend of mine who I have known for like 20 years!!! It's quite terrifying when you can say that you've known someone for that long: Just how old are we???? 


So her fiancee texted me asking for a really really special cake for her birthday and I racked my brains thinking what could I do. I'm really into height at the moment & a blend of flavours. I experimented with the cake below a week before which is chocolate, strawberry and chocolate fudge - delicious! 

Strawberry Heaven Cake

In the end, I opted for a 2-tier topsy turvy cake but due to the stress of the weekend I didn't take my usual fancy photos. Here are a couple of pictures from the dinner we had.

The Night...

Happy Birthday darling, love you.

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