Thursday, 27 October 2011

Florence + The Machine

Let the only sound be the overflow...


Just keep following the heartlines on your hands...

I had the amazing privilege of getting a coveted ticket to see Florence + The Machine perform at the Hackney Empire. They played a mix of new material from the upcoming album 'Ceremonials', as well as old favourites from 'Lungs'.  I had no idea just how intimate it was going to be, so when I arrived armed only with my trusty iPhone & saw just how close I was to the action, the sense of annoyance with myself threatened to dampen my enjoyment! A blogger must NEVER, I repeat never, leave home without their camera! Fortunately the show was out of this world (as you would expect) & I got over myself pretty quickly (well that's not strictly true, the show was incredible but I spent a lot of time kicking myself for the schoolgirl error!) Thank God for the iPhone camera :).

Florence has an amazing stage presence and a way of connecting with the crowd. It makes you feel like you are her best mate & she's singing especially for you. She is of course stunning, & delights your eyes as she bounds & twirls around the stage like a fairy or even an angel. The music was spellbinding & I felt like I was in church, when the music takes you to another place and there is communion with everyone. An absolute must have album & I'm sure it will be a massive success. (Have I gushed enough?)

I love to see people doing what they were born to do & that goes not just for Florence + The Machine, but for everyone. When I go to a gig I always soak in the team; the unsung heroes who make things happen. From the band, the backing singers, the stylists, the make-up artists and the personal assistants, to the lighting,  the fans, the soundies, the roadies (not sure if the last two are proper words but you get my drift :)). Basically everyone! It makes me want to be better at whatever I'm doing & be the best me I can, to live my dreams and passions no matter what they might be or what people think. Can you imagine living your dreams?

Ceremonial Cupcake

I was inspired to make a cake especially for Florence + The Machine & all I could think of was orange. I saw a candied orange cupcake and remixed the recipe to produce the 'Ceremonials Cupcake'. It is an orange cupcake topped with fresh cream, orange and cranberry syrup and a candied orange slice. It was a lot of fun to make and has so many flavours. The cake is lightly flavoured with vanilla and orange juice and the fresh cream tones down the rich sweet syrup. The candied orange slice can be eaten whole so you get the citrus kick along with the sweet flavours. In short, it's a lot of cake!

Exciting stuff, if anyone is interested in the recipe let me know & I will do a mini how-to post, otherwise I will leave you with this quote;

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world - Harriet Tubman

Peace and Love


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  1. Simply wow! your cupcakes and your photography are stunning.



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