Monday, 24 October 2011

Excuse me my friend, I don't remember who I am.... Forgiveness, Wretch 32

Happy Monday Peoples, this weekend was fun packed as usual. I spent some quality time with my beautiful niece, baked a birthday cake for my sister-in-law & went up to Leicester to see Wretch 32 do his thing on the Black & White Tour.

I didn't know much about Wretch before, outside of his main hits (Traktor & Don't Go), but I was really impressed (like really)! There were a number of songs that touched me but I think my favourite was 'Forgiveness' which talks about his struggle to maintain his integrity whilst he pursues success as an artist.

"I went to church to pray for a Top 10,
then I went No.5,
I ain't been back again"

Forgiveness, Wretch 32

If you follow my blog, you will know that staying true to my priorities and not getting caught up in everything else is my intention, my own pursuit of happyness. But in reality life isn't black & white. As a working mum I felt guilty leaving my children but bills needed to be paid. What could I do? Should I pursue my ambitions and climb the career ladder which meant a long commute and long hours? Or do I waste away in a job with no responsibility so I can focus on my parental duties? 

Picture courtesy of Daniel and the Birthday Girl Hayley :)

At first I thought I was stuck between a rock & a hard place. But once I acknowledged what is TRULY important to me, my mind was opened to other ways of earning a living. My intention is to have prosperity without sacrificing my family life and my personal integrity. 

I wish Wretch all the best on his own journey and a long and prosperous career. I also want to shout out the band, supporting artists and crew who were amazing!

Peace & Love

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