Saturday, 17 December 2011

Day 17 - Christmas Boozy Ice-Cream In A Chocolate Cup

Ice-cream is happiness condensed - Jessie Lane Adams

As I have friends and family around the world who are celebrating this Christmas in the sunshine, (in particular I'm thinking of my mum in Jamaica, not to mention my aunt, cousins and many dear friends), it is only right that I do a sort of warm weather Christmas treat; and Rum & Raisin ice-cream seemed as good a place to start as any!

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this dessert is the chocolate cup that the ice-cream sits in. I got the technique for making them from one of my newest books called 'The Vintage Tea Party Book'  by Angel Adoree founder of the Vintage Patisserie. Basically you mould the melted chocolate around a balloon that is partially blown up and then very gently peel it away to reveal the edible cup. A bit fiddly but very cute.

If you are in the sunshine, you'll have this eat this one quickly before it all melts but I don't see that to be a problem :).

Peace & Love

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