Saturday, 24 December 2011

Day 24 Christmas Mix

We are actually here, it's Christmas Eve!!! I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by this month. I've been wondering how I was going to do to round up this Advent Calendar & had grand ideas of amazing cakes. Then the reality of the fact that I still have Christmas to prepare for kicked in, coupled with some last minute Christmas Eve present shopping. In a word, time just ran out - I just about managed to catch the light to take these pictures :)

I'm taking care of desserts this year and the only request I had was for Apple Crumble - tasty but not particularly seasonal. So instead of showing my actual Christmas dessert, I whipped up three tasty snacks that can be enjoyed on the day (or any other time for that matter). All of these take less than half an hour to prepare at least and are sure fire favourites...

Check out the recipe here. This is an old classic and takes about 10 minutes max - love it. 

The recipe and lots of cool variations can be found here. I added marshmallows to mine and didn't quite manage the clean cut finish that they have but it tastes just fine :).

And finally for awesome simplicity check out the recipe here. The link for is a recipe for plain and toffee popcorn, I didn't bother making any plain popcorn so I doubled the toffee mix to make sure it covered all of the popcorn. The plan was to save it till tomorrow but it's all gone already!

Merry Christmas & I hope you have a beautiful day tomorrow!

Peace & Love

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  1. That looks delicious (: Would love to try the 'hot chocolate on a stick'

  2. Thanks - it's really delicious :)

  3. Bailey,

    These all look so good.

    I made bread for the holidays this year and my husband made a few sweets. We were given a whole bunch of popcorn in various flavors.

    I guess we made out alright but may have to try some of your recipes next year. Especially the "hot chocolate on a stick", that looks very interesting and delicious also.

    Hope you had a great Christmas.

    Dee Ann

  4. Hey Dee Ann - yes the hot chocolate on a stick was probably the coolest of the three, although I'm a sucker for Chocolate Cornflake Cakes :)



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