Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Feliz Cumpleaños

Many things make me happy: music makes me happy, sunshine makes me happy and making other people happy makes me happy.

I used to paint & draw and make stuff, I was never good at art per say but I liked to mess around. My favourite thing was making personalised cards for friends and posting them as a 'just-because' surprise. I used to love writing letters and still do, there's something beautiful & special about a hand written letter. Emails are great and quick but getting something hand made can never be equalled. 

These days, I buy my cards but pour that creative energy into the cakes that I make. 

A few weeks back I made a joint birthday cake for a couple whose birthdays are days apart. The plan was to make it for a family BBQ but I got the dates mixed up & ended up making the cake a week early (in time for the actual birthday celebrations I might add!) 

I really wanted the cake to reflect the fun and energy of the couple and also to incorporate their beautiful little boy. I decided on a small 2-tier cake (chocolate and vanilla with strawberries), in bright colours with a funky stick man family! I mixed the colours from Mummy and Daddy to make baby and had fun making them cut some shapes on the dance-floor :)

I must say that I'm so glad to have a creative outlet, I thought that once I 'grew-up' I would have to put all of the things that I love (but don't make money) aside. I realise now that is not true and that enjoyment and passion is not only for the 'young'.

What do you still do that makes you feel that little bit childish?

Peace & Love
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  1. Lovely cake! I love the originality and the personalized appeal. I am sure the birthday celebration was a blast!

  2. this is a really beautiful cake - you should be so proud of yourself - it's GORGEOUS!!!!
    Mary x



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