Thursday, 7 June 2012

Frozen Yoghurt Lolly Sticks, (FroYos)

Where is the sun?! A couple of weeks ago I was dusting off my summer wardrobe, surviving on a diet of frozen yoghurt and buying suncream, & now I'm snuggled under two duvets wondering where it all went wrong! Things can change so quickly!

So these bad boys (aka lollipop sticks), are a tasty and low fat alternative to traditional ice-cream. They are made up of crushed strawberries, a summer berry yoghurt and more crushed berries at the top. Pop them into a lollipop maker, freeze for a few hours and you have a quick and easy breakfast or snack. The best thing is that you can make so many different combinations it's great!

If there's one thing the British summer teaches you, it's to 'make hay while the sun shines'; in other words 'make good use of the chance to do something while you can'. There's an acronym going around at the moment - YOLO meaning 'You Only Live Once', I decided to adapt it slightly and call my frozen yogurts lollies, FroYo's as it's easier to say :)

Oh & if anyone knows of a sun dance to bring back the sunshine, please let me know!

Peace & Love
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  1. This is a real summer treat...Let's welcome the sun with a great big smile and lolly sticks. Yummy!

  2. This is such a good idea and it's also healthy! Never thought I'd see the day haha! I've followed you sweetie and I'd love if you could follow me back as I only have one follower - boohoo :(.
    I'm currently working on a Summer Lookbook and will be uploading my YouTube video today in which I'd love for you to possibly check out.
    Much love, Luce x

  3. these look wonderful - really creamy and delicious - there's absolutely nothing you can do about the weather - just watch a movie set in the Tropics!!
    Mary x

  4. I am going to get dancing gurrrrl! YOLO, I love it, it is going to be my new word. And you are right, where on EARTH (or maybe I should say in the solar system) did the Sun swan off to?



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