Sunday, 10 June 2012

I Love Love....

The wedding cake

Today was the wedding of my cousin Melissa and her husband Northy. At the best of times making a wedding cake is scary, but delivering a stacked cake over 160 miles across England, family in tow, takes anxiety to a whole other level! 

Setting up the cake (in my almost-wedding outfit!)
In fact I was so focussed on getting the cake there in one piece, that I forgot to bring my wedding outfit with me!!! Thank God for my sister who had some supplies; jeans, trainers and a dirty apron are not a good look at a wedding! Once I'd set up the cake & gotten changed, I was finally able to relax in the beauty of the day. 

The beautiful couple...
I would describe myself as a hopelessly romantic, wannabe cynic: I just love love. After my failed attempts at happily ever after, I often wonder why people put themselves through it & the cynic in me gains strength. Then I come to a day like this & see the love in their eyes and the hope in their hearts & I'm a blubbering mess!

So happy :)
To be fair, anyone who knows me, knows that I cry at everything. It's a running joke in my family & borderline ridiculous, but I make no apologies: I feel, therefore I cry!

So whilst I don't know what the future will bring for me on the love front, for now, I know that I am happy for this beautiful couple and I wish them all good things! 

Below are some of my favourite snaps of the day, I think you will agree that it was beautiful! 

Flower Girls

Me (far right) & some of the family :)

My niece and nephew playing in the beautiful grounds...
I pretty much stalked this baby, too cute :)
My mum and Uncle aka the Father of the Bride 
Cutting the cake.
 Peace & Love


ps for those interested, the tiers are; bottom - Red Velvet; middle - Lemon and top - Chocolate Truffle. There was also a rum cake for good measure :).
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  1. I'm a hopeless romantic too, and my first attempt at happily ever after turned out to be a big twist in my life story - its a pretty long book after all! Happily ever after is out there, I truly believe it x

    1. I hope so, it pretty much has to be or I'm doomed :) :)

  2. Oh... And the cake looks awesome.... Of course!! X

  3. This cake looked beautiful, so did the bride x

    1. Thank you and yes, she was a beautiful bride x



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