Sunday, 10 April 2011

20,000 Ghanians at Wembley...they better keep the floodlights on when it gets dark or families will get seperated.... #WeAreDark – (TwinB)

The funniest tweet ever from the England vs Ghana game at Wembley last month, I just had to honour it!

Plus my ancestry is African, with a bit of Syrian & most likely some English. You can tell I have a mixed heritage - if my hair is dyed midnight blue, washed and blow dried,  with some well hidden tracks for extra thickness, I look a bit indian... #tripping.

This one isn't mine, but I like it :)

Ghana is the rage these days, even Gwen Stefani is rocking the Kente Chic.

I had some leftover chocolate cupcakes from a birthday order & thought I'd do this... In celebration of my Ghanaian roots!

Chocolate cupcake, chocolate frosting & a peaceful message, what more could you ask for??

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