Friday, 8 April 2011

Callooh Callay

Tonight I was in Shoreditch catching up with a friend. We went to a bar called Callooh Callay on Rivington Street, EC2A which had some crazy interior design and an even crazier cocktail menu.

I mean who has cassette tapes anymore much less, cassette tape wallpaper? I love it :)

We sat on cast iron bath tubs cut in half... The concept was cool but I must admit that it was uncomfortable, they could probably have done with more cushions or something. Sometimes trendy can go a bit far me thinks.

The cocktail menu was also a little difficult to understand and we had to get the waitress (very pretty) to come and explain it to us. They had cocktails like 'Popcorn & Cola' described as "Popcorn infused Bacardi, Kola Tonic & Cane Syrup served as an old fashioned with hints of vanilla and cream soda"?? (By the way I didn't miss out a word after 'old fashioned' that's what it says).  To be fair it was actually very nice. The cocktail came with a serving of plain popcorn which was really cool. Not sweet, not salt but plain. I've got to admit, it was the best part of the cocktail :)

They also served cocktails in fish bowls or whatever, but of course there were funky gnomes guarding the drinks.

Overall, a very interesting experience. They had little dens and hideaway places, and you walk through what looks like a wardrobe to get into the back area. Check out their website and you'll see what I mean It's a bit too cool for school for just hanging out with a friend but maybe really nice with a group of you or a significant other... Pin It

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