Friday, 22 April 2011

You's a window shopper (50 cent)

Fendi Yellow Cupcakes

Spring sunshine is here with a vengeance and that means the shades must come out. I've always fancied some designer sunglasses but when it came down to it, I just couldn't justify parting with the money. That said I thought I was being frugal about two weeks ago and bought a really nice pair for £5 from Marks and Spencers... They broke within a week.

I'd been to the Sunglass Hut at least four different times on my lunch breaks. Every time I've been in there, the same guy has 'served' me. We've ended up having some pretty deep conversations about life & our hopes and dreams whilst I'm trying on different pairs. It's great to talk but I think he was just trying to be friendly in the hope I'd actually buy something one day! 

So this time before I went in, I thought I'd look out for him and make sure he wasn't there. I'd feel bad wasting his time when he could be serving paying customers...  I couldn't see him so went in to do my usual browsing, but after like 5 minutes, sales assistant guy comes out from the back! He recognised me (which isn't surprising seeing as we spend so much time together these days!)

My hands were tied, I had to buy some glasses. If I didn't he would have thought I was stalking him or something!

All the talking paid off though, because I got an amazing deal on the glasses plus the box is gorgeous and deserves to be honoured with cake.

So there you have it, Fendi Yellow Cupcakes are in the house (or garden technically)...

All yellow everything

Fendi Yellow Cupcakes.

I am pleased to report that no extra money (or undue time) was spent in creating these commemorative cupcakes, I used leftovers and things already in my cupboard, including cupcakes and icing and ting. I am also pleased to report that I am no longer a window shopper. That is all.
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  1. LOVE YOU BLOG!!!!!! You better bake for me soon hunny xxx


  2. Congratulations on the buying of your first pair of designer sunglasses!!! Lovely sunglasses. Lovely pictures. Lovely yellow! :) yum xxx



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