Monday, 18 April 2011

We dey go Naija!

I present the 'We dey go Naija' Collection or 'We are going to Nigeria' (in the Queen's English.)

12 Chocolate Cupcakes with edible cake toppers.

A friend of mine is emigrating to Nigeria and I decided to bring some Nigerian themed cupcakes as my contributory dish. I have just bought my own printer for making edible images (it had to be done I was spending a small fortune ordering them in).

P Square and the Legend that is Fela Kuti

Alongside the obligatory Nigerian flags, I wanted to have some icons/famous people from popular Nigerian culture. I asked some of my Nigerian friends just exactly what and who they might be as I'm pretty clueless. Some of the contenders included;

The yellow bus - Molue

 The Molue - the yellow bus, although I'm not 100% sure whether they are still running. I think it's comparable to our Route Masters but Naija Style.

This reminds me of the Northern line tube ride during the rush hour

Also D'Banj's name came up a lot. I forgot him in the end, but that was a silly oversight as even I know about him. Fear not D'Banj fans, I have a picture of him here just for you :)


It took absolutely ages to set up my printer and it's going to take a while for me get fully used to it but I am on the right road :)

So the finalists in the 'All Things Nigerian List' are;

1. Naira (National Currency)
2. Chiwetel Ejiofor (Actor)
3. Kanu (Footballer)
4. P Square (RnB twins)
5. Chimamanda Adichie (Author)
6. Asa (Jazz Musician)
and last but most definitely not least
7. The Mighty Fela Kuti (You cannot talk of Nigeria and not mention Fela, and if you don't know, please get to know).

I have read all of her stuff and I love it.

So there it is. I could not possibly post this blog without a huge caveat... In no way do I claim to have captured the essence of Nigerian culture and I am confident I have missed out really key things and/or people - forgive me. I am just trying to make some tasty chocolate cupcakes out here... Thank you please :)

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  1. I love these cupcakes! Now I'm hungry! I'm going to have to post a link to this on our blog and facebook page if you don't mind! :-)

  2. Good work ... proudly Naija. You will go places.

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